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Migration note: On June 13, 2020, we migrated our comments from Commento to a new system called Hyvor. Due to many years of spam and scam accounts piling up, we decided to leave our past comments as "guest comments" and allow regular commenters to create fresh accounts with the username of their choice. This move will give us more control over moderation and filtering. A side effect of this migration is that you won't be able to edit or delete a comment you may have made in the past. We apologize for the disruptions in commenting systems and are confident that Hyvor will provide us with the features and support we need to make our regulars happy.

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The ArkTimes website uses a commenting system called Hyvor. In order to comment, you will need a Hyvor account. Create one.

Hyvor allows account creation using an existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account.

Your Hyvor username is used for tagging other people in comments.

The First and Last name fields are displayed alongisde comments and can be used for pseudonyms or nicknames.

For the moment, commenting accounts are separate from subscription accounts and you do not need to be a paid subscriber to comment.

Modify your commenting account

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