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Cultural Pass

For a limited time, when you purchase an annual Digital Subscription to the Arkansas Times, you’ll have your choice of a one-year subscription to the Oxford American magazine or a six-month concert membership to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Cultural Pass?
Click the "Subscribe" button on the top-right of the website (existing subscribers: log in first, then click "More plans").

Next, select Cultural Pass. You'll then be able to choose either Oxford American magazine or Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. After that, we'll need an active email address and a password for your account as well as a valid payment method for the subscription.

What should I expect once I've purchased a Cultural Pass?
Within 48 hours of purchase, you'll receive an email from the Arkansas Times with more information about your digital subscription. Your mailing address will be provided to your chosen vendor so that they can mail you information about your gift.

Why do you need my address?
Our partners need to be able to send you information via mail about your free gift. The Arkansas Times digital subscription only requires an email address and password. Your physical address will be stored in the same account as your paywall information and will never be used for our own marketing purposes. For more information, read our privacy policy.

I'm already a subscriber, can I get the deal?
Yes, simply click the "More plans" button on the top-right of the Arkansas Times page and select the Cultural Pass. The additional year of subscription time will be added to your exisitng balance.

The fantastic photograph of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra is by Kelly Hicks.